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Socks with Rubber Soles!

Site by Dr W

Fun Clocks for Children & Adults!
Choose from Animals, Handbags,
Tools, even bottles of wine!
Skibz are the ultimate dribble bib,
highly absorbent and comfortable
enough to beworn all day.
Poppy & Ned produce a wonderful
collection of luxury clothing.  Made 
using Pure Lambswool, they are 
beautifully soft, breathable and 
machine washable.
Bottles of fairy dust - lick your
finger, sprinkle a little dust on
your finger and then apply a 
little sparkle to your life!
Swimsafe Floatsuit: the Latest 
Swimming and Sun -Protection
Innovation from Australia.  UV 
protective beach and water
activity clothing.
Hand Crafted Wooden Jigsaws
with Alphabets, Numbers, Animals,
Vehicles and Maps and more.  
Suitable for children aged 3 years
and upwards.
LucyTom - Fantastic Doorstops,
Boot Bags, Draught Excluders,
Footstools and more....great
fun products!